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Expression optimization
for any tissue, any organism:
      SuRE™ promoters
      AIM™ integration sites

Bespoke, qualified promoters for controlled gene expression in cell and gene therapy or protein and virus production.


Identification of optimal genomic integration sites for cell therapy and manufacturing cell lines.


Promoters For
Cell & Gene Therapy


SuRE™ screening to identify promoters for better control over the expression of your transgene.

Integration Site Mapping

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AIM™ service to identify favourable gene insertions and their expression levels for
cell engineering.

Cell Line Optimization

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SuRE™ endogenous promoters and integration site mapping for
CHO/HEK/other cell lines.

Off-The-Shelf Products

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Available SuRE™ promoters for licensing.

Promoter Optimization

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Exhaustive saturated mutagenizes creating new sequence of existing promoters or designs.

Learn More?


Reach out to us for our solutions in gene expression and cell engineering.


Introducing our experts

At Annogen, our mission is to enhance the efficacy and safety of advanced therapies, by becoming the global hub for expertise in gene expression engineering. What we are most proud of is our team: passionate and highly skilled scientists, bringing 100+ years of research experience. Besides performing projects for our customers, our team is continously improve our SuRE™ and AIM™ platforms and performing fundamental science to improve our  understanding of gene expression. 

Work in a close-knit, diverse team focused on delivering top-notch scientific advancements, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We believe strength lies in diversity and we therefore welcome applicants from all genders, all nationalities and all religions. Do you believe you have valuable skills or expertise that could help strengthen our scientific team or company as a whole? Let’s talk!


Recent News & Events



News - May 2024 

Annogen Announces Research Collaboration with Orchard Therapeutics for the Development of CNS-cell Specific Promoters

Annogen today announced a research collaboration with Orchard Therapeutics, a global gene therapy leader, for the identification of immune cell-specific human promoters for use in certain pre-clinical hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy programs.



Insights blog - April 2024 

Considerations for developing safe and effective gene therapies: promoters

To improve safety and effectiveness of gene therapies, manufacturers can adjust three principal components: the therapeutic gene, the viral vector (including viral capsid) and the promoter. In this blog, we share insights from both recent publications and customer insights on how the latter element, promoters, are the next frontier in fine tuning and improving ATMP effectiveness. 



News - April 2024 

Annogen Announces Research Collaboration for the Development of Cell Specific Promoters for Undisclosed Cell Therapy Company

Annogen announced a research collaboration for the identification of immune cell specific promoters for the use in a new cell therapy program for an undisclosed company. The developed regulatory elements will aid in developing safe and effective autologous T-cell therapies.  



Updates - December 2023  

Annogen signs deal in which SuRE™ libraries are used for in-vivo capsid screening

Annogen has signed a deal with an undisclosed gene therapy company for an AAV capsid screening project. For this project Annogen will deliver its SuRE™ barcoding platform and downstream bioinformatics analysis to track tissue-specific biases for many capsids in parallel.



Updates - October 2023  

Annogen introduces HEK293-INDX1™ - a clonal HEK293 cell line for inducible expression of toxic proteins such as Rep during AAV production

Annogen is excited to share our latest breakthrough in cellular engineering. We've successfully combined our SuRE™ promoter screening platform and our AIM™ integration site screening platform to establish HEK293 clones with near-zero baseline expression and high inducibility with added stimulus.



Events - Annogen attending BIOEurope in Munich, November 6–8, 2023

Request a partnering meeting with P. Victor Schut, CBO ( and discuss the applications of:
- SuRE™ human promoters for cell and gene therapy
- CHO genome derived promoters for protein manufacturing, cell culture, and
- AIM™ integration site mapping for cell engineering (allogeneic, cell therapy and cell line generation).




Events - Annogen attending the virtual partnering at Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, October 17-18, 2023

Annogen plays a specific role in providing its SuRE™ human promoters (cell specific and/or inducible) and AIM™ integration mapping for cell engineering (e.g. allogeneic platforms).

Looking forward to connecting with senior executives and top stakeholders to tackle the most pressing issues in cell and gene therapies. Please contact ( to learn more about the Annogen qualified promoters and cell engineering capabilities.


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