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Promoter Optimization

In addition to bespoke promoter screens, Annogen's SuRE™ technology can also be used to analyze existing promoters sequences or designs by exhaustive saturated mutagenesis to create a new sequence.

Exhaustive saturated mutagenesis: creating optimized sequences based on existing promoters or designs 

There are various reasons to consider changing existing promoters sequences or designs.

SuRE™ mutagenesis screen applications include:

  • Optimization existing promoters

    • E.g. CpG reduction without affecting activity

  • Minimization existing promoters

    • E.g. Truncation screen to identify smaller version of promoter

  • Identify promising bases for gene editing

    • E.g. Test possible edits to reactivate fetal hemoglobin

Typically a SuRE™ mutagenesis screen takes 3 months to generate a high resolution result at protein level: 200 measurements per single base change into any other base or a deletion. Screening per region is done as well depending on areas of interest and end goal of the customer.

An example of a saturation mutagenesis screen on a promoter. Saturating screen identifies critical bases and regions, for both activation (above X-axis) and repression (below X-axis).

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