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At Annogen we use our SuRE™ technology to identify regulatory DNA elements to be used for controlled (therapeutic) gene expression for gene & cell therapy, as well as for recombinant protein and virus production. In addition, we offer the AIM™ service to identify favorable gene insertions and their expression levels for more than 100,000 integrations in parallel. These approaches typically enable big improvements in any biomedical strategy involving the (over-) expression of genes.  

Our SuRE™ technology does not deliver AI-based predictions that need to be verified by the customer but instead delivers the results of millions of actual wet-lab measurements in relevant (primary) cells and in vivo models. Our activities are based on two core proprietary technologies:

1. SuRE™ Technology and Screening services (bespoke promoters)

2. AIM™ integration site mapping service 




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Visiting Address

Science Park 406

1098 XH  Amsterdam     

The Netherlands  


+31 (0) 20 2470020

SuRE™ Promoters & AIM™ Integration Sites

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