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Off-The-Shelf Products

In addition to SuRE™ bespoke screening to identify endogenous promoter/enhancer combinations we have identified and developed elements in house that are readily available for licensing for applications in cell and gene therapy and protein production.

SuRE™ technology does not deliver AI-based predictions that need to be verified but the results of millions of actual wet-lab measurements in relevant (primary) cell and in vivo models. These are results from tests already performed at Annogen.

Cell & Gene Therapy constitutive promoters

The hCon promoters are human genome derived proprietary SuRE™ elements that have similar expression levels to CBh and CAG but are more stable since they avoid viral elements and these are ~800 bp in size. We also have smaller hCon promoters of <400bp for applications in which there is limited space available in the vector.

Gene Therapy, CNS

The hIN promoter is a human genome derived proprietary SuRE™ element inducible at neuroinflammation that shows a more than 30-fold induction. This promoters has been validated in an in vivo MS model


Cell Therapy

The commonly used NFAT-promoter in the cell therapy field is considered leaky and suboptimal. An alternative that overcomes its drawbacks is preferred. Our hITA promoter is inducible at T-cell activation and shows a more than 100-fold induction. This promoter has been validated in Jurkat cells and primairy T-cells where we see substantially higher proportions of cells expressing our transgene under the hITA promoter, at higher expression levels and at lower antigen levels.

Recombinant Protein Production

Our CHOPRO promoters are derived from the CHO genome and aimed to replace CMV and EF1a for more stable expression with higher yields. 

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