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Applications in:

Promoter Screens For Cell Therapy

The efficacy and safety of cell therapy strategies is in part determined by the correct expression profile of the therapeutic transgene. We perform SuRE™ screens to identify the promoter with the optimal expression profile for your expression cassette.

Driving Transgene Expression with SuRE™ Screening

Cell therapy strategies typically rely on stable overexpression of a therapeutic transgene, e.g. the Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR). In some cases regulated expression is preferable, for example to achieve conditional expression of an “armor” gene such as IL12. We apply our SuRE™ screening approach to identify the optimal (combination) of regulatory elements to drive transgene expression according to the customer’s needs.

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Our standard screening approach relies on an initial genome-wide SuRE™ screen in a model cell-line system. This allows us to identify approximately 100 promising candidate promoters and enhancers from an exhaustive screen of the entire human genome. In a next round another exhaustive screen is performed for all potential combinations (of 2)  of all 100 elements. This we refer to as the ‘hybrid’ screen and this is either performed in the same model cell line, in primary cells or even in vivo using a viral based SuRE™ screen. Typically the most promising hybrids are then tested in vivo by the customer.

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